Heart Broken

Monday, 18 June 2012

I am quite  sad with the envelopes I received today.. 

1. I arranged to swap 11 Woodpeckers postcards in envelope with a new swapper. But she sent me postcards which are not in good condition, old and brown/dirty at the back of the postcards :(

2. I swapped 4MS and FDCs with another new swapper . We agreed to sent it via registered mail as the postal service in her country is terrible. But Today I received her envelope via normal mail, she did not put any thick paper/cardboard on the envelope, as a result the envelope was bended and damaged. The items she sent me were ruined..

A very sad day for me.. :(
well, I don't think I'll be doing a second and future swap with them again..

 FYI, Malaysia will issue new stamps of Woodpecker on December, I was thinking of making a self made maxi cards.. 

 oh well, plenty of time to search for it again.. 

Canada - 'Did You Know' from Leonard

Sunday, 17 June 2012

I received these postcards on 20.04.2012 from Leonard Clarke. 

It's a re-send envelope as the first envelope was "lost". It's very kind of him.

I really appreciated it as not many will re-send.. most of them will just ignored my pm :) 

Thanks Friend!

Did You Know?

More DID YOU KNOW postcards from my friends.. Thanks everyone! :)

P/S I received these from last year swaps! Just got the time to scan it :P

Thanks Annie C!
Thanks Annie C!

Thanks Jennefer B!

Thanks Jennefer B!
Thanks Annie C!

Thanks Annie C!

Thanks Heather M!

Thanks Ashley!

Thanks Ashley!

Thanks Laura H!

Thanks Georgina!

Thanks Georgina!

Thanks Georgina!

Thanks Georgina!

Thanks Georgina!

Thanks Georgina!

Direct swap via Postcrossing

Thanks Laura H!

Thanks Ana S!

Amazing envelope from Mandy!

Thanks to the Fabulous and Sweet Mandy, I received your 2nd envelope yesterday! Really love all the items you sent me.. ♥ ♥ ♥ Thanks a bunch!!

 What special about this mail? It's the 3D Queen Elizabeth Postcard!! :)


Surprise Mail - 13.06.2012

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Thank You from the bottom of my heart to the lovely Bernadeta Saletnik for the surprise & amazing 5 Pope John Paul II postcards & 2 bookmarks and an Illustration postcard! 

It's so kind and thoughtful of you to put the amazing Miniature Sheet of Pope John Paul on the cover too! Please let me know what do you like in exchange? ♥ ♥ ♥ 


written and stamped postcards received - 13.06.2012

Thanks to Genek for sending me the Denmark map postcard!

Thanks to Betty More for the Mangles Kangaroo Paw postcard!

Thanks to Wilma Van Vegten for the beautiful sleeping lady with book postcard! <3

Thanks everyone, totally love it!

Received Amazing Postcards - 11.06.2012

I'm blessed with so many wonderful friends.. Received amazing postcards and envelope today..


Thanks to Kati Laasonen for your 3 woodpecker postcards.. and I love the 2 surprised Audrey Hepburn postcards too! ♥

Thanks to Leonard A. Clarke for your 3 postcards and the extra Rainbow postcards!

Thanks to Ewa Skulska-Dzik for your 9 postcards.. :)

Written and stamped postcard:

Thanks Christel van der Ree for thinking of me while on your vacation. I love the South Devon map card. :) ♥

Thanks Regina Burgdorf for your 2 postcards (rainbow and art card).. ♥

Thanks Mary Anne Carter for the Titanic postcard. it's beautiful!

Thanks Yuliya Shut for my first Belarus map card.. ♥

Thanks Nalini Mohammed for the Blue Trinidad map card. Hopefully you'll received my card soon... ♥

Thanks Annemieke Reinderink for the World Book Day swap card! ♥

Thanks Dulcey for the Maine map card! It's so cute!

Thanks 'Zasa Lein' for the Titanic movie poster card! Thanks for being so thoughtful! ♥

Thanks Faisal Chem for the 21st postcard from Pakistan! 

Thank You so much my dear friends!!

Back to School!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

School life will resume tomorrow.. I love School..  LOL... :P

A message to my students:

A new semester is about to begin,

And We're in it together,

Through thick and thin!

I'm glad you're on my class,

And I think We'll have fun,

Laughing and learning

To get the job done!

Just Remember,

I'll be there if You ever need a hand!


 It's the beginning of a new semester, I'll be SUPER BUSY with works.. I don't think I'll have time to update my blog.. probably once or twice a week.. maybe..  :P

Moments of Colour

I really love these type of postcards.. Moments of colour..
 Black and White postcards with a touch of Colour.. it's just beautiful.. :)

Thanks to Mandy, Ola, Bernadeta, Annemieke, Hanna and Angela for the awesome postcards! 

Cartoon Stamps on Covers

Saturday, 9 June 2012

I collect these for my sons .. They really love Disney Pixars movies and Winnie the Pooh.. 
Me? I love Hello Kitty! :P

My first Hello Kitty stamp on cover!! Thanks to Sayaka!

Thanks to Mandy for the beautiful Winnie the Pooh MS on the cover she sent me on January! Absolutely Fabulous!!

Mickey & Minnie stamps from Japan! Thanks to Clarissa @ Clang!

Disney Pixar 2011 Stamps from Georgina! Totally love it!

Geo sent this for Jonathan's 4th Birthday! :)

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