January Received Postcards

Monday, 30 January 2012


  • 04th of January = 26 postcards
Thanks to Mike Z (1), Hilarie H(1), Paoli Lee(1), Leon (1), Jueimei Ma (1), Akiko Watanabe (1 super cute Doraemon), Kirsten Wilbrand (1), Yen (1), Bernard Loh (1) , Ea Hakala (2) and Cikgu Mazelan (15!)

  • 09th of January = 14 postcards
Thanks to Maria Kalyuta(5), Laura Hall(2), Neil Hajba (1) , Patrycja Jasinska Postcards(1), and Angela Witter (1) as well as an envelope with 4 great cards from Andrew Humphries
  • 12th of January = 24 postcards
Thanks to Saya Kitajima (1super cute Hello Kitty), Neil Hajba (3 awesome cards), Zina Boyd(1 Florida map), Jiaqi Holiday (2 great cards), 려붕파 (1 great card from Korea). Annerie Meijer (1 beautiful art card) and Steffi A (1 cute cartoon card for my sons).

I also received 4 envelopes ,Thanks to Lene Schwartz Christensen(4), Saya Kitajima (4), Kristie Evans (4), Jiaqi Holiday (2)  

  • 16th of January = 46 postcards
Amazing Mail day ! I received total of 46 postcards today!! 9 official postcrossing postcards, 16 postcards from FB direct swap, and 21 postcards in 5 envelopes.. Thanks a million to Nalini Mohammed (2 amazing map cards and a new country for my collection), Ave (1 great map from Spain), Heather (2 maxi cards and 1 Waltzing Matilda), Margherita D'amato (1 flag card from Italy), Serkan Eker (1 beautiful card from Turkey), Annerie Meijer (1 odd shaped flag card of Netherlands), Bärbel (1 yummy card), Wilma van Vegten (1 flag card Netherlands), Sebastian (1 map of Nowe from Poland), Ines (1 flag of Germany), Amy Lai (1 Taipei City card) and Dani (1 awesom Van Gogh - Field with poppies), Marta (1 New Zealand flag card), Katrin Witzmann (11 awesome cards), Christel van der Ree (2 amazing Van Gogh - Irises & Vase of Irises), Bridget Matthews (4 wonderful cards), Ana Serodio (2 beautiful cards) and Angeligue (1 multiview from France). Thank You so much my friends ^^v

  • 20th of January = 17 postcards
Thanks to Mandy Inglis 10 postcards & 1 M/S, 2 postcard from Alba Noguira, 1 awesome Pope John Paul II postcard from Nimfa Vedrero, 1 great map of Luxembourg from Anne Dahm and 1 Grand Canyon card from Amy Genberg as well as 2 Mount Rushmore cards from Laura Hall!!

  • 26th of January = 35 postcards, 1 letter, 1 surprise card, 3mint stamps, and 5 m/s
received a total of 35 postcards, 1 letter, 1 surprise card, 3mint stamps, and 4 m/s received!! I received a registered mail from Jonathan Blaza (19 postcards +1m/s), a letter from Ria Cabral, 1 Croation flag from Yvonne Zowalla, 1 surprise Nemo/Clown Fish Card for my sons from Wilma van Vegten (my sons love it, Thanks!), 4 awesome Dragon's New Year postcards from Midori Lee, 1 postcard from Kanina Sista, 3 Mucha postcards from Alexandra Kuropatova, 2 great postcards Elsayed Kassem, 1 postcard for my sons from Toni Rose Antonio and 1 envelope with 4 postcards, 3mint Christmas Island stamps, and 4 m/s of Australian Joint Territories Issues from Vanessa Crouch.. Thank You so much my friends!! ♥♥♥

  • 30th of January = 31 direct swap postcards, 4 official & 1 FDC
Thanks to Kerrie, Ping Hoong Lim, Sherry Chiang, Kieran (2), Heather Massese, Andrew Humphries, Wilma van Vegten, Keni Xiaoo, Gilly White, Hilarie, Maryana Hoshovska (2), 1 FDC from Thitar Aung, Ria Cabral, Desiree Fleming, Ashley(3), Luci M. Kraus, Hanna K. Jonsdottir(5 postcards & stamps - new country in my collection ^^V), Yenny Rere Andreastuti, Ton Salendab Pinkihan(1 cute comel from Dubai - new country in my collection), Mehdi (1 map from Tunisia - new country in my collection), Saya Kitajima, Ana Serôdio Fernandes (2)

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Sunday, 8 January 2012


2012 New Year Resolution

Sunday, 1 January 2012

2012 Resolutions (^_^)♥

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