Postallove's 'Greetings From' series

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Lately, I’d jumped right on that bandwagon... You know... the whole collecting PostalLove's "Greetings from...series frenzy...

I'd like to receive these cards sent from the country of origin that is printed on the card. However, I don't mind collecting them blank too. Why? Trying to collect this series of cards is really...  really... hard... at least for me... I seldom do swap, and by the time I started / plans to swap the GF Malaysia card, turn out most of them had it in their collection... :P 

Fortunately, I'd received  a few of  these wonderful cards:
* Belgium
* Estonia
* Czech Republic
* Netherlands
* United Kingdom
* Japan
* Luxembourg
* Hungary

* Malaysia

Wish me luck ! Hope I'll be able to add more of these amazing cards to my collection! 

P/S Do you have GF card or know someone who have my missing GF card? Let Me know :) 

Thanks in advance for your help!  Kisses and Hugs.. xoxo

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