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Friday, 25 May 2012

May 2012 

  •  25.05.2012 - Heather Massese
Heather , I've been searching for the stamps for 2 years and Thanks to you I now have it in my collection! Thank You so much for the Mini sheet of Micro Monsters ! ♥ and I also love the postcards you sent too.. it's beautiful.. :) ♥

  •  25.05.2012 - Tina Fe
Tina Fe, I received the beautiful garden postcard today! Thanks a lot! :)
  • 25.05.3012 - Monique Phitdis
 Today I received 7 written and stamped postcards from Cyprus! Thanks to Monique ♥ Hope you'll received the envelope I sent soon. ^-^
  • 24.05.2012 - Lene Schwartz Christensen
 Hurray I have postcards from Slovakia & Bosnia, Thanks to the wonderful Lene! ♥ Thanks a million! 
  •  24.05.2012 - Mandy Inglis
 Mandy , I received your World Book Day postcard (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland).. I love the stamp too (Matilda - Roald Dahl) ♥

  •  24.05.2012 - Melanie Becker
 Melanie , I received your envelope with Titanic postcards today. Thanks for your help. I'm sure my friend Jodes will love it! ♥
  • 24.05.2012 - Atsumi Imai

Atsumi, I received your Hello Kitty postcard today! Thanks ♥ and Oh I love the Hello Kitty stamps too! :)

  •  24.05.2012 - Barbel Plinke

    Bärbel , I received two postcards from you today! Totally love it! Thanks a million! ♥

  • 22.05.2012 - Hanna Piasecka
 I received 3 postcards from Hanna today! Absolutely gorgeous!
  • 08.05.2012 - True Sun
amazing mail received today! ♥ Thanks to True Sun .. Yes, I received your envelope with the postmarked 29.02.2012, the envelope we thought "lost".. apparently the envelope decide to take a little 'vacation' before reaching it destination... Since you'd re-send the envelope, now , I owe you 8 more postcards .. :) please choose 8 postcards from my albums and I'll mail it out on my next mailing day.. ♥

  • 08.05.2012 - Alexandra-Nektaria Tzanoudakis
Thanks Alexandra-Nektaria Tzanoudakis, for the 6 beautiful postcards from Greece.. Love it so much! Hope you'll received my envelopes soon ♥ 
  • 08.05.2012 - Mandy Inglis
To my Fabulous Mandy ♥, today I received 5 postcards and 4 M/S from you.. ♥ ♥ I specially love the Thomas and Tank M/S and the 3D M/S.. the postcards are exquisite.. Thanks for sharing it with me! :)
  • 08.05.2012 - Ludmila Zaitseva
Books... 2 amazing story books from the very kind Ludmila Zaitseva ♥ I'm sure my sons will love it.. thanks for sharing it with me... really appreciated it.. ♥ will send Egor a package with books very soon.. :)

  • 08.05.2012 - Bernadeta Saletnik
9 Precious Pope John Paul II postcards received from Bernadeta Saletnik ♥ ♥ ♥ Thank You so much for sharing it with me.. :) will send your envelope as soon as the pc I ordered arrives ♥ Thanks for your understanding..

  • 08.05.2012 - Zasa Lein
'Zasa Lein', another beautiful rainbow pc from you.. I'll send you more pc once the pc I ordered has arrives.. :) Thanks a lot! ♥
  •  08.05.2012 - Andrea Walsh Dowell
 Thanks Andrea Walsh-Dowell for the breath taking rainbow pc.. love it! Hope you'll received my postcards soon.. Thanks! ♥
  • 08.05.2012 - Chloe Osano
 Chloe Osano, I received your Edger Allen Poe pc (World Book Day Swap) today ♥ Thank you so much! Hope you'll received my postcards very soon ♥ ♥
  • 04.05.2012 - Envelopes
 Million thanks to the amazing mails received... I received envelopes from: Christel (birthday card, sticker and handmade card for my son ♥), Laura (15 amazing postcards), True Sun (16 re-send postcards, really appreciated your kindness & thanks for being so thoughtful), Ludmila (4 great art postcards), Olga Anatolievna (finally I received 2 postcards of Kremlin ♥) Carrie (birthday card for my son), Ewa (6 glorious Pope John Paul II postcards), Alyona (12 art & Romanov postcards), 2x160g Sour Strip Candy from the fab Nicole Hansell (gonna bake the rainbow cupcakes this weekend, thanks for your help ♥ ), and last but not least I also received the World Book Night book - Room by Emma Donoghue, from the amazing Mandy Inglis ♥ ♥ ♥ I'm bless with so many great friends..

  •  04.05.2012 - Written and stamped
I also received tons of written and stamped postcards from: John Massey (1 - love the Threave Castle♥), Regina Burgdorf (Namibia Rainbow), Vincy (1), Monique Phitidis (Hurray! My first written & stamped postcard from Cyprus), Rana Reda (Alexander the great from Egypt) and My Jonathan also received birthday postcards from :Laura (Nemo), Sadie Ponce (Nemo & Mickey), Peifen Lin (1 cutey postcard) Ola Majewska (1 smurf), Yongshan Chang (1) and 'Zasa Lein' (1)... and Hannah Trott (world book day swap & Harry Potter & Ginny ♥), Stefanie Langenberg (3 amazing postcards books), Yvonne Zowalla (great books postcard), Anna Kurtisa (1 Irish Writers postcard), Veronica (1 Daddy Long Leg), Sadie Ponce (1 world book day swap)... Thanks everyone! ♥ ♥ ♥


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