School Holidays!

Friday, 18 November 2011

It's FRIDAY and it's also the last day of school. Woohoo! I cant wait to go back to my hometown. We'll be here for another week though  and Will be going back on 24th November. I'm so excited to spend some quality time with my family. Kota Kinabalu here we come ^^

Here are some Holidays related poems to share..

Holidays Are Memories in Waiting

Holidays are memories in waiting,
Amply fitted out to linger long.
Perhaps it is the food, the gifts, the song;
Perhaps the love that keeps the light from fading.
Years pass, traditions blend, people change;
Holidays endure, each generation
Offering its own fond re-creation
Lest the next find such sweet labors strange.
In memory the secret's repetition:
Delight anticipated is delight
Approaching a predictable condition,
Yearly replicating a rendition
So that on holidays each note sounds right.

(Poem taken from : )

Time to be with family and friends
Time for thankfulness, time for gifts
There may be sunshine or five foot snow drifts
Turkeys baking pumpkins pies in all their glory
Grandparents telling their favorite holiday story
Men in easy chairs watching football
While children hear the neatly piled leaves call
Yes the holidays are times for fun and loved ones

  by Lori Beeler


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