Farewell to my friends - Pat & Kay

Friday, 18 November 2011

I'm sad and happy at the same time for my friends Kay and Pat.. Congratulation for your transfer back to your hometown.. All the best to both of you...

Sedih btl sia dgr ucapan kamurang. jgn terasa hati ya bila tadi sia mcm inda layan kamurang, sia sedih... segan mau nangis... tapi in the end inda tahan juga.. tkeluar juga airmata... baik2 btugas sana.. kalu sia ada  pi Kota Marudu , Kay jadi guide sia ya.. Pat, Kinarut dengan Papar inda jauh.. cuti nanti ada kesempatan saya jalan2 sana cari ko ya ^^

My friends to you I bid goodbye
To the friendship that brought me sky
The years has been swell
... As if coming from a wishing well

Thank you for the memories
The laughter and the tears
They'll linger in my heart
As if we never part
If by chance we meet again
May it be full of blessings in the rain
Yet for now all that I can say
Is to God for you I'll pray ...


Yummy Mama said...

I'll miss you Pat and Kay .. ((hugss))

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