April Received Postcards

Friday, 20 April 2012

April 2012

  • 28.04.2012 - Leena Manner

Leena , I received your super amazing & cute postcard showing books and a cat.. totally love it! I was so busy with work lately that I haven't sent you much, but I'll make it up to you next week... Thanks for being such a great friend.. :)

  •  28.04.2012 - Katrin Witzmann

This week, I'd received tons of amazing postcards, sweets and chocolates from my dear friend.. ♥ Thanks to Katrin (sweets, chocolate and Hello Kitty postcards and map postcard.... all the way from Germany.. my sons totally love it! thanks for your kindness ♥)

  •  28.04.2012 - Shizuru @ Ting Ya Liu 

    I also received aWEsome postcards from Ting-Ya Liu (4Titanic ad cards + 80 postcards ♥) Thanks for your help in ordering the postcards for me.. ((hugs))

  •  28.04.2012 - Jodie Nobbs
I'm also spoiled (in a good way, lol) by Jodie.. with 2 written & stamped postcards, 1 envelope with 8 postcards, 1 Harry Potter MS and 2 cards for my son Jonathan... I really love all the items you sent .. really appreciated your thoughtfulness.. ♥

  • 28.04.2012 - Andrew Humphries

Andrew , Prince Harry... Prince Harry!! You sent me a postcard from my wish list! ♥ ♥ ♥ Thank You so much!!

  • 28.04.2012 - Jonathan's Birthday cards

My son Jonathan received postcards from the my awesome friends too.. Thanks to Heather , Wilma ,Nicole and Jodes as well as Ting-Ya Liu ♥ ♥ ♥ He love it.. thanks for making his birthday a special one this year :) Thank You from the bottom of my heart..

  •  28.04.2012 

I also received amazing postcards from Emily Han(1), Fiona Patricia Naughton (2 Titanic postcards), Ana Serôdio Fernandes (2 postcards + 5 bookmarks), David Caleb (4), Jennefer's(1), Desiree Fleming (3 Titanic postcards), Tina Fe (1).. Thanks everyone for the amazing postcards! ^-^

  • 20.04.2012
Happy Friday! Received amazing postcards today.. Thanks to : Bernadeta Saletnik (4 postcards, a map , a sticker ♥), Bärbel Plinke (1 cute Teady sitting on books card ♥), Jodes Naughties (3 Titanic cards, 1 Boltz card ♥), 'Zasa Lein' (1 gorgeous rainbow card ♥), Ting Ting 婷婷 (1 poem card ♥), Mandy Inglis (1 envelope with 3 postcards and 1 presentation pack , 1 comic ♥), Leonard A. Clarke (7 cards ♥), Katrin Witzmann (4 cards ♥), Patrick Schot (1 envelope with 3 3D cards ♥) and Amandine Tseng (Candy Candy card ♥).. Thanks a million everyone! ((hugs))
  •  18.04.2012
Thanks Clarissa for the amazingly awesome 6 Studio Ghibli films postcards! I totally love Spirited Away!

  • 17.04.2012
 amazing cards received today.. ♥ Thanks to Kristie Postcards (4 harry potter cards ♥), Gilly White (11 GB Royal Family stamp cards), Angela Wittwer (1 gold fish & cat Kontrase card), Choonjong Park RR chain card, Ting-Ya Liu (Lighthouse with poem card ♥), 'Zasa Lein' (breathtaking rainbow cards ♥), Thitar Aung (1 cover) and Ro Hsieh (7 Taiwan odd shaped cards ♥ ) and also a Titanic card from Jodes Naughties ♥.. Thank You so much my friends... ^-^v


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