Chain Postcard RR

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


1. You have to take a big card (a card you like, because in the end the card returns to you) and divide the back of the card into 4 columns. (depending on the number of participants)

2. In 1 column you write the address of the next participant and paste stamps on it.
The other columns you leave empty.

3. Please REMEMBER to write the name of the RR on your postcard.. for example : ERICA'S 3RD CHAIN POSTCARD RR..

So for your postcard : You can just replace my name to your name.. e.g RIA'S CHAIN POSTCARD RR  etc ... please write it somewhere on the postcard :)

4.Then you send the card to the next participant.

5. When it arrives there, he or she will cover his/her address with stickers or COVER UP THE ADDRESS WITH STAMPS .

6. In another column he/she will write the address of the third participant ,  and send it to the next person.

7. The last participant finally sends it back to you and you’ll have your own card back, full with stickers and foreign stamps.

You’ll also receive the cards of the other participants. The only thing you’ve to do is cover up your own address, write the address of the next participant in an empty column put stamps on it and send it through.

-If you like to join,  send me a pm with your address.
-Please send cards within one week.
-If you have received or sent cards please make update in this notes.
- The cards in this RR travel a few weeks/months, so only join this RR when you are active in this topic for a while!


NOTE: This is an example of the back of the postcard you will receive at the end of this Chain Postcard RR :)


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