February Received Postcards

Monday, 27 February 2012


  •  07th of February = 42 postcards
Today I received 42 postcards ♥ Thanks to Ewa (8), Abran (1 Bruce Lee), Yvonne (5 awesome cards & Wow! That was fast ^^) Ciel (5), Cikgu Mazelan (18), Heather (1 cute dolphin shaped card), Jelena(1 Croatia shaped card), Monika Bebenek (1), Maryana (1) and Anne (1).. ♥ Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! ^^v

  • 08th of February = 10 direct swap postcards & 1 Official postcard 
Thanks to Abran Ochoa (San Francisco's card), Luci (Czech's Flag), Neil (Statue of Liberty), Sita (Mumbai view card), JA Rek (Pope John Paul II's card), Ute (Claudia's sister - 1 Van Gogh & 1 Waterhouse's art cards), Melanie (1 map & 1 seashell cards) and 1 surprise card from Antje Kiss (from Heather's game at Heather's Haven) ♥ Thanks a lot! trully ♥ it!

  • 12th of February  = 7 postcards
My mom come to Sandakan for a visit and she have 7 postcards for me ♥ Thanks to Akiko for her 3 Hello Kitty cards, Vikki for her 3 Maxi cards and Hilarie for her New York night view card! ♥ Thanks a lot!

  • 18th of February = 91 postcards
Thanks to Jade Toh(23), Jiaqi Holiday(1), Tanja Hermann(1), Ola Majewska(2), Sylvie Orsini(3), Angelique Pavy(2), Madeincanarias Postcards(3), Clarissa Candido(1), Carrie Courter(1), Neil Hajba(5, thanks for the extra surprise cards ♥) Margherita D'amato(1), Patrycja Jasinska Postcards(1), Micaela Rosenberg(1), Alma Lee(1), Stefanie Langenberg(1), Aguanita-Anita Chen(1) and Mandy Inglis(1).. I ♥ all the cards! Thanks a lot!

Special thanks to my lil Sister - Michelle for the absolutely amazing 41 postcards of Rome, Italy.. Thanks a million

  • 24th of February = 56 postcards
A mailbox full with letter and postcards! ♥ I received 56 postcards, letter and used stamps, stickers and mini calendar! Thanks to Patrycja Jasinska Postcards (1), Hannah Trott (2), Alyona Bunina (10), Suzanne Lee (1), Nina Kramlinger (1), Lene Schwartz Christensen (1 rose, 3 maps of Israel, Thanks for making my dreams come true ♥), Douglas (1), Nicole Ko Jung (1), Alma Lee (1), Bernard Loh (1), Paoli Lee (1), Heather L Ward (1) and ‎Jodes Naughties (3), Nicole Hansell (5), Christel van der Ree (2), Domenico Calà (1), Patrick Schot (2), and also Laura Hall (17 amazing cards, finally it's arrives ♥) and a long and sweet letter with a postcard and many used stamps from Roy Aasheim.. Thanks a million for your postcards and friendship! I'm blessed to have all of you in my life. ♥

  • 27th of February = 3 Chocolates bars, 35 postcards,14 Maximum cards and 1 beautiful Fairy Bday card
I LOVE ♥ Monday!! Why? Because I received 2 precious & awesome envelopes from Katrin with a lot of treasures inside! 3 Chocolates bars, 29 postcards from my wish list, 14 Maximum cards and 1 beautiful Fairy Bday card.. ♥ Thanks for being so kind and so thoughtful.. Thanks my friend ^^

I also received 3 amazing Odd shaped postcards from Yongshan, 1 beautiful multi-view card of Istanbul from Serkan Eker, 1 Official flag card from Canada and 1 yummylicious Carrot cake recipe card from Zina Boyd.. Thank You so much my friends. I'm blessed to have you as my friends ♥


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